Schools in Hua Hin

Private & International Schools In Hua Hin

You will find various international and private schools in Hua Hin to choose from. Some of the schools in Hua Hin even offer european standards like the new Hua Hin International School that is based on british St. Andrews standard. This allows your children to get the best education even here in Hua Hin. After Highschool the american universities Webster and Stamford offer international Bachelor and Master degress in different fields.

Popular schools in Hua Hin

Yamsaard School

Address: Soi Hua Hin 94 Bongai 4 Hua Hin Prachuab Khirikhan 77110
Tel: 08-7694-6420-1

School motto: “Growth is not only of the body but also of the mind. Seek out knowledge, but always with virtue.”

The school follows a curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. We teach English through a Phonics Approach as well as “Them Based” Approach. Homeroom teachers are foreign and Thai nationals. Students will have opportunities to practice English with foreign teachers all the time. We focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking skill according to individual student abilities.

The curriculum is based on the “New Education Reform” designed by the Ministry of Education. English is used as a medium of instruction in main subject areas; English, Math, Science, Arts and Computer. The School applies Multiple Intelligence Theory to suit different needs of our students. Our teachers are trained to involve students to participate in the learning processes. Hands-on activities are always introduced

Yamsaard Hua Hin school offers Secondary Education with a curriculum based on the guidelines set by Ministry of Education. English is used as the medium of instruction for the subjects; English, Math, Science, Computer and Arts. Other subjects; Thai, Social Studies, Religion and Culture, Health, and Work Experiences are taught in Thai.

Somtawin School

Address: 192 Moo 13 Hua-hin, Nongplub Road, Hinlekfai District, Hua Hin
Tel: +663-257-6223

Philosophy: Somtawin Witead Suksa Huaymongkhon School aims towards managing quality education with an emphasis on academic excellence and developing strong ethical values by adhering to provide education to develop both physical, mental, emotional, social and intellectual skills and values in order to prepare our youth for the development and transformation of society in the future.

Halio School for International Students

Halio is a community school run by parents for the benefit of their children. The school provides three educational programs: Early years for children age 3-5, Middle years for children aged 6-10 and Upper years for children aged 11-18.

“Existing school models were designed over 50 years ago. Our children are growing up into a world very different from the one schools are training them for. Today’s child needs to learn to be an innovator, entrepreneur and freelance worker who can think outside the box. Halio teachers, students and parents have the flexibility to experiment, explore, discover and adjust to our ever-changing needs.”

Hua Hin International School

Address: 565 Moo 7, Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan
Mobile: +669-8824-4135

HHIS students will begin with us in Nursery (aged 2) and continue  through to taking their IGCSEs at 16 years of age and at 18 years of age they will be able leave us with their International Baccalaureate Diploma. This will enable them to attend universities right across the world. Our strong Thai Language programme will also of course, enable those who wish, to work or continue to study within the Kingdom of Thailand.

Our philosophy described within our ‘I’ value statements is visible within the daily practice and life of our school. By promoting these values, we will enable our students to become the confident. lifelong learners that we promise.